Feed Manager Product Image Resizing

Since Google’s September updates we are seeing more automatic disapprovals of products which have non compliant image sizes.

This is taken from Google’s published guidance on image sizes more

“Submit the largest, highest resolution full-size image that you have for the product, up to a file size of 4 MB.

Image dimensions must be greater than 32 x 32 pixels, with the total image size not exceeding 64 megapixels.

We recommend images that are at least 800 pixels in height and width.

Do not scale up images or submit thumbnails. We recommend that the product take no less than 75% but no more than 90% of the full image

For clothing products we require images with dimensions of at least 250 x 250 pixels”

Feed Manager Image Resizing Option

To help clients deal quickly with issues arising from insufficiently sized product images, we are pleased to announce the launch of additional value-add options.  In a situation where clients are suffering disapprovals from small images and want an easy solution, we can provide:

Hosting of resized, compliant images

This applies resized images to export files sent to all channels.

What we do

Your product skus will be tested weekly for non compliant image size, and we will apply resizing to all products which fail validation.

These new images are stored on our server and are then used as the image links in our exports to channels.  Any products already flagged for disapproval for image dimensions within your Merchant Centre will be dealt with as part of this process.

Image Resizing

A one-off exercise which resizes all non compliant images, and makes them available to you for use with your website and/or channel submissions.

What We Do

We run our test against minimum image dimensions and identify all products for resizing.   This is then done and we let you know the images are available, and (subject to payment being made), we provide you with a link to a folder containing all the resized images.

Note that our solution takes the original image and places it on a white background. It does not stretch the original image.

Please contact us for more information on either option

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