Small Image Errors

We are pleased to confirm that our new image size compliance tests for Google minimum sizes are now complete and are working across client accounts.

As you may remember in our earlier post we warned that from September 1st Google will disapprove images within Shopping where the image dimensions are shorter than 100 pixels (height or width).   For clothing/apparel/fashion products the minimal image dimension is 25o pixels (height or width).

You will see a new warning in our daily error report emails – letting you know which product skus (ids) will affected by the new rules.  Our new image report provides you with the ids and dimensions of the images concerned.  As with the existing error reports, that is published  as a downloadable report within our client Modules area, and is produced every time we run your source data.

No error report is good news – you have no images affected!

If you don’t fix the errors by Sept 1 2016, Google will disapprove products automatically.  Email notices from Google confirming this were issued from 05.08.2016.

So from point we will not submit any products where we know the image size is not functional and/or compliant.   Current warning diagnostics will change to errors, and skus will be omitted from all channels (note that Bing Shopping’s minimum dimensions are already 100 pixels shortest side).

If you do have image size errors, and depending on the nature of those, we can assist you resolve the problems with small images in a fast convenient way.  If you are seeing a number of errors in our reports or in your Google Merchant Centre, now is the time to contact us.


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