Small Images Update #2

Our last article on small images related to Google image requirements and the reports we generate to address these. We also advised that any images which did not meet the  criteria for Google Shopping would not be processed. The blog is available here below if you wish to re-read

We are  pleased to announce that our analysis and reports have been further enhanced to identify any bad image links –e.g. where the link returns a 404 error.

Our image analysis has now also been extended to cover product feeds to Fruugo, Bing and Facebook. These channels all have different minimum image size specifications, but Feed Manager can now analyse and report against the image size requirements for all channels. As with Google, any products with images which do not meet the standards are not sent to the channels until rectified.

All product and image error reports are available in our Modules area for download, review and action. These are updated every time we process your data.

Where there are only a few problem images on an account and where these can be re-sized without impacting on data quality, we do this automatically on your behalf.

However, where there is a significant volume of non-compliant images, please contact us to discuss options to tackle them.

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