Small Images Update

Earlier this month (August 2016) we wrote out to confirm our new image size compliance tests for Google minimum sizes are in place and working across client accounts.

From September 1st Google will disapprove images within Shopping where product image dimensions are shorter than 100 pixels (height or width).   For clothing/apparel/fashion products the minimal image dimension is 25o pixels (height or width).

We have a handful of accounts where we have to complete the image validations in full, but the vast majority of you are getting full reports of all problems.

Your image import errors are published daily in your client Module.  That’s also been simplified, allowing you direct access into the product pages, with more easily understood search options and bigger fonts to help you find skus and navigate around more quickly.

No error report is good news – you have no images affected!

From midnight August 29 onwards, we will deal with any problem images remaining on client accounts as follows:

All images with an length or height less than 100 pixels will not be processed

All clothing/apparel products with a minimum dimension of less than 250 pixels will generate a warning in our reports, and we will between August 30 and 31 set an exclusion to apply to Google Shopping against any affected skus, so that these are in place prior to Google’s 1st September deadline.

If you have yet to tackle your source image problems, now is definitely the time to get in touch.  Please ensure that any resized options are then renamed to allow us to re-assess their sizes.  Unchanged image names will not be recrawled.

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