The Ever Changing World Of Google

The team here at Gillissa are aware of Google’s nature to frequently modify and change numerous aspects of its operation.
With Google being a integral part of our daily work, it is essential that we are aware of, and understand, any alterations that are made to Google, whether it be on the search pages or within Google Adwords itself.
Today, we discovered two changes implemented by Google regarding its search results pages.
Firstly, we noticed that the home page had changed, missing the links usually surrounding the toolbar in which the search query is typed.
However, these links reappear when a user moves their mouse, completing the fade in process of the home page.
The second change is perhaps more effective, rather than the visual effect that the home page change provided.
After typing in a search query, and selecting the ‘show options’ link, within the ‘standard results’ section, the option ‘translated search’ can be found.
By selecting translated search, Google will display organic search results translated from various different languages that are relevant to your original search query.
The translated search option is perhaps beneficial in a scenario where a user required reviews for hotels or restaurants in countries they intended to visit.
As of yet, the translated search option is not available for sponsored link results, but with the Google’s nature of development, such a feature can never be ruled out.


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