Top Product Listing Sites in the USA

We read with interest a post summarising the top 15 product comparison websites in the US (*).  An excellent summary of the key metrics to which we’d like to add a little more depth on the sites in question and our take on its implications for e-commerce store owners.

Firstly the sites in question, ranked in order of Alexa popularity:

Site and Rank:                         Listing / advertising capability               Model

1)      Bizrate                                     Yes                                                  CPC

2)      NexTag                                    Yes                                                  CPC

3)      Shop Local                               Yes                                                  CPC

4)      Slick                         Yes                                                  CPC

5)      Woot!                                       Yes                                                  CPC

6)                            Yes                                             Advertising

7)                                Yes                                            Commission

8)                            Yes                                                  CPC

9)      Shop at Home                           Yes                                            Advertising        

10)    Smarter                                     Yes                                           Advertising

11)                     Yes                                           Commission

12)     Fat                          Yes                                           Advertising

13)     Deal Time                                   Yes                                                  CPC

14)     Become                                      Yes                                                  CPC

15)     Deal News                                  Yes                                                 CPC

Our assessment of this article raised some interesting points. The ranking order in particular was initially intriguing as it demonstrates several unexpected findings. Amongst the market leaders of price comparison in the UK Amazon controls 2% of the UK online marketplace alone, however with the U.S does not even rank within the 15 (that may just be the classification of Amazon in this respect)

What is also interesting is the relative strength of Shop Local.   Clearly a major difference between the US and UK are the geographic dimensions involved.  While in the UK, physical proximity to the source of an online sale is of less importance, it is understandable that in the US, this has a higher importance.  Google’s own inclusion of availability for products in its Shopping results picks up on the same core theme.

Many of the above sites operate on a Cost / Pay Per Click model allowing you to list your products as you would ordinarily expect, which we have highlighted above. Interestingly a number of the highly product listing ranked sites are coupon/discount offer based. Whilst not allowing the merchant directly to list their products, these sites offer potential additional ways of generating interest for an ecommerce store as Groupon’s success in the UK has demonstrated.

What is most important to note is the clear difference between the three options of model specified in this blog:


Paid Search


All have a significant difference in the results they generate, and the purpose they serve.  We know that there are material differences in traffic levels and visibility between the US and European popular product listing sites; some down to origin (US or European) and relative strengths of these websites as a consequence.  However, as with most search marketing, test and trial will reveal their strengths to any particular merchant.

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