Update to Enhanced Google Adwords Campaigns

Google will be automatically upgrading all Legacy Adwords campaigns to Enhanced campaigns on the 22nd of July 2013. We strongly recommend you set up your campaigns to your specific goals and needs before the change comes into effect. Otherwise all remaining legacy campaigns shall be automatically upgraded to enhanced campaign settings on that date.

4 Key Changes

There are 4 key changes within enhanced campaigns:

  • All devices are now targeted with one campaign.
  • Tablet devices and computers are targeted in the same way
  • Mobile bids are set at campaign level
  • Mobile bids can be fully controlled by users

Adwords no longer needs separate campaigns for mobile and desktop/tablet. Enhanced Campaigns allows new tools in order to manage your ads across device, time and location. You can create different ads within a single campaign to target different users. This is dependent on which device they are connecting from and the time of day.

What you need to do now

You need to make changes to your Adwords account structure to bring it in line with the new Enhanced Campaigns

  • Make sure you have access to all Adwords accounts if you have more than one
  • If you have mobile specific campaigns you can merge them with any desktop only campaigns
  • Learn about bid adjustments which is a new feature created for Enhanced Campaigns

To read and understand more about the update read Google’s own blog post which states everything in detail here.

From a feed management perspective, the effects of this change are minimal, providing that the campaign device and bid preferences are set properly.  The main impact on you, the merchant, will be the automatic inclusion of all devices within the same campaign.  As Product Listing Adverts do show on mobile devices (although less in number because of space restrictions), you may want to set a seriously downgraded bid for these types of campaigns if there is no pattern of reported conversions through mobile devices.  This is how to limit exposure to spend on mobile clicks for Enhanced campaigns.

Otherwise on auto upgrade this bid preference will be handled as a default part of the migration.  IF PLAs do not work for you on mobile devices, handle the update yourself.  This is pretty straightforward within the “Upgrade Centre” which is a menu option in your Adwords account.

If you need any more help or advice on this subject then please don’t hesitate to call us here at Feed Manager.

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