Updated Google product feed specifications

Google has released another announcement on more changes to feed requirements for Google Shopping.

They have added new attributes as well as making some changes to existing ones.

The list below simply states the changes that are taking place. For a more in depth look at these changes please click here to read Google’s support blog.

  • A new ‘Mobile Landing Page’ attribute
  • Expanding support to merchant defined bundles.
  • Simplifying the availability attribute. ‘In stock’ and ‘available to order’ shall merge to just become ‘in stock’ if the goods can be shipped in a timely manner.
  • The addition of an ‘availability date’ attribute
  • Adding values to the ‘age group’ attribute
  • Introducing two new size attributes – ‘size system’ and ‘size type’
  • A new landing page content policy
  • A new specification clearly stating how many characters can be used for most attributes.

These changes will take place by September 30th 2014.

All of these changes in requirements are being updated in our Feed Manager platform and be in place for the end of July 2014 to allow us plenty of time to refine client submissions well in advance of the deadline.  However, some of these will impact on client accounts for a number of reasons; first and most important being the values that Google are requesting may not exist in the data we process.

So there is no time like the present to make sure you discuss these changes with us, and understand how this affects you.

As ever, contact us for more advice and support on this topic.

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