If you haven’t heard of Flubit, you soon will. This marketplace with a difference is making big waves in eCommerce.

Its ground-breaking technology and disruptive way of selling has gained a loyal following of users.

Flubit flips the traditional marketplace model upside down: instead of listing your products for users to browse, the demand-driven platform allows user to drop in the product web link of the item they wish to purchase, and Flubit returns a better offer on the exact same item.

Consumers love using Flubit. What’s not to like? It’s free to use and they’re getting a better price on something they’re already planning to buy.

And for online retailers, it’s an extremely effective way to sell.

Since launching in September 2012, flubit.com has hosted millions of pounds of transactions. Customer retention rates show the platform is compelling and addictive – customers make an average of 5 purchases each and 30% of offers convert to orders, that’s around ten times the average eCommerce conversion rate! What’s more, thanks to a recent partnership with Barclay’s Bespoke Offers, integrating with Flubit will put your product inventory in front of 5 million potential customers.

There’s no cost to sell on Flubit and Feed Manager will manage your inventory feed – you can get orders and order updates via the Flubit API, FTP or email.

Top line Information
Account Registration Link Flubit Merchant Registration Link
Name(s) Flubit Ltd
URL(s) Merchant Accounts – www.weflubit.com

Consumer View – www.flubit.com

Partners Barclaycard Bespoke Offers, Money Dashboard, Invisible Hand, Stuffster, amongst many others…
Owned by Private Company
Head Office London, UK
Countries Operating In UK
CPC structure Flubit is a marketplace channel.  Their fees are linked to product sales
CPC costs Not applicable.
Key Areas Consumer Electrical, Computing, Video Games, Home & Garden, Toys & Games, Film & TV
Feed updating times Every 24 hours as standard, more frequent feeds available if necessary.
Additional Feed Manager Offers One month free trial from Feed Manager if Flubit is your only Shopping Channel submission

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