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Do you need help loading your products into your Google Shopping account through your Google Merchant Centre?

Are your products not showing properly in Google Shopping search results?  This is where you want to be

Why you need support to your Google Shopping feed

Google is changing the way that the Merchant Centre and Google Shopping works on a very regular basis.  Over the past 3 years Google have changed the commercial model that applies to product listings worldwide and has introduced many updates to their product specifications.

We know that merchants are now experiencing a series of new problems, ranging from disapproved products, non compliant products, all the way through to suspension warnings and complete disapproval of accounts.

Feed Manager keeps you on top of all of these changes so that your products continue to generate you visits and sales.

What’s going wrong?

Here are some common situations that you may be in (but there are many more):

  • Disapproved products with few or many rejected on your feed due to poor data being submitted
  • Disapproved listings with none of your products being accepted at all
  • Permanent low click volumes on your products
  • Rapid reduction in your click volumes from previous high numbers
  • Irrelevant results for your product searches
  • Products not being included in Google’s comparisons of results
  • Poor categorisation of products which means Google cannot interpret your products correctly
  • Missing mandatory values, which are essential for certain brands and/or types of product

Why Waste Time (and money)?

Feed Manager deal with most common problems that retailers are experiencing and have done so for over a decade.

You could be wasting large amounts of your time and losing potential sales because your products are ranking poorly and your clicks are much lower than they should be.

If your product feed is disapproved you may well be tearing your hair out trying to work out how to reactivate it.

Why bother?  Help is at hand

Within 48 hours Feed Manager has:

  • reactivated disapproved accounts
  • increased live products for our clients
  • driven up the number of daily clicks  from Google Shopping

– even when accounts are inactive and/or products being disapproved.

We provide full support to the creation of Google Shopping campaigns and guide you through the right approach to get you best results.  We can help you understand how to maximise your return from your Adwords spend on Shopping campaigns by selection of the optimal inventory that offers you the best chance of success.

Call us today to take advantage of our 30 day free trial and get your products seen in Google Shopping Results now!  (And anywhere else you want to list too – see our offers page for more)

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