Shopping Channel Requirements

Google Shopping

1.    Access to your existing Merchant Center account.  This can be either:

a)   Your Google ID and password (via email or over the phone) or

b)   Add a user email address to the Users on your Merchant Center which we will send you

2.  If you do not have a Merchant Centre account, we can set this up for you, but it is vastly preferable to do this using your Google ID as this will mean it is entirely owned by you. Please follow 1a above.

Google Adwords

Access to your Google Adwords account to set up the required Product Listing Campaign and associated Product Listing Adverts

a)  If you have followed 1a) we need nothing more as the ID in 1a) should be the same as the access to your Adwords account.

b)  If you have not shared your access ID, we need to add your Adwords account to our Managed Client Centre.  Please send us the 10 digit Google account number (top right of screen after logging into Adwords).  We will send you an application to access your account, which you accept under the Account > Access option in Adwords.

Google Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics it would be very helpful to us to understand the results of any Shopping/PLA results.  If you are willing to share that information, please add as a standard user of your Google Analytics account.


We require access to your Amazon Seller Central account.  This requires set-up, verification and permissions to be set up.  View for more.

All other Shopping Comparison Engines

Please send us the relevant access IDs and passwords.   This will enable us to set up the account.  If you do not require us to monitor the relevant channel, then the password you provide us with can be cancelled/changed after the products are successfully listed

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