Test My Feed

We at Feed Manager know that there may be instances where you may not be looking for a managed product feed.

However, you do want to know about problems with the data in your product feeds which will compromise your ability to list products or cause account warnings or suspensions.

So if you want to  get to the heart of all the issues which you don’t know exist in your data, and which will create problems for you later on, we now have what you need.

Feed Manager has launched Test My Feed – a free to use utility that you can load source data files intended for use with Google, Amazon or E-Bay.

What does it do?

Including validation for data compliance, UPC and EAN accuracy, image and links among many others, Test My Feed is the first complete analysis tool of its kind – helping merchants like you to get to grips with hard to find problems that blight product listing performance.

Want to know more?

For a full outline and the ability to test your feed right now click here

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