Feed Manager Unified Order Manager

Service Outline

Our Unified Order Manager includes Amazon, Fruugo and Ebay as key marketplaces.

We can run product feeds for marketplaces connected to the FMUOM in line with existing Feed Manager service criteria. Listings are covered under our standard service terms.

FMUOM enables customer order information, shipment statuses, stock and price changes to be managed and updated through one single communication route.

All orders received from Marketplaces therefore drop into Merchants’ standard order queues, removing any manual processes and monitoring.  Similarly FMOUM passes all shipping and order status notifications back to the marketplaces connected to the service.

Updates run every 30 minutes on a daily basis (* or less frequently at customer election or inability to provide data more quickly).


Fees are charged monthly based on  the numbers of active channels banded by numbers of orders processed

There are no upfront fees and/or mark ups on clicks or % of revenues


  1.   Order updates every 30 (*) minutes to the merchant’s website
  2.   30 (*) minute stock / price updates to all marketplaces being used
  3.   30 (*) minute updates on order status and notifications to the marketplace(s)

    (* if supported by client website; minimum daily)

Contract Duration and Payment Terms

Minimum contract commitment is 3 months from start date and one rolling month thereafter.

Customer’s initial fee will be based on existing order volumes within an already active marketplace or at the Launch rate if the merchant is new to the marketplace(s) selected

Monthly order transaction volumes will be tracked within FMUOM.

Once customers reach a higher tier of order volumes within a billing month, their next monthly fee will reflect the higher charge.

Reductions in volumes will be reflected in a lower monthly fee for the following month.

FMUOM is charged monthly in advance by Direct Debit or as otherwise agreed with the merchant.

Other aspects of billing arrangements apply in line with our standard payment terms.  Read

Key Service Notes

It is the merchant’s responsibility to configure their website to receive and pass information to FMUOM as defined in the specification documents supplied.

Gillissa Ltd is not responsible for failures with the FMOUM caused by a merchant website being unavailable, being unresponsive to the calls made to it, or for any other factors outside the control of Gillissa.

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